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What kind of activities would you like/love to be doing if you had your health/mobility back?
Each one of us is faced with different challenges in life, may it be pains, postural discomforts, headaches, injuries, stresses.....

Taking care of yourself, either as preventative or to relieve a condition, will be a great investment in your health in the long run.  Take time to heal yourself!  Come and enjoy a therapeutic massage today!

Massage has many benefits and I would encourage you to read the "benefits of massage" page for your information.  Even though it is an investment, it will save you money as it will keep your immune system healthier (less sickness, less medication, less visits to the doctor...), less headaches (less medication and side effects again), less pain, and by keeping you moving, less surgeries! 

Enjoy a well deserved time away for relaxation, stress relief, focused work, what ever it may be for you. I would love to hear your story.  Each session is tailored to your needs and lasts the entire time scheduled.  On your first visit, plan for a 10 minutes consultation before the massage.

By appointments only and as of this January 2022, I'm no longer accepting new clients.  

To Your Health!



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